How to help

Donate funds

You can make a financial donation to Foundation Oscar & Lora Center 2019, BULSTAT (Public Register Code) 205475704.

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Тo receive a donation certificate, please submit your name or your company’s name using the през Contact form.

If you want to donate funds for the shelter by direct transfer to veterinarians and animal nutrition companies providing food and services to the shelter, please, contact Boyko Grenzke on mobile phone 00 359 892 69 59 11 or via his Facebook profile Boiko Grencke.

Foundation Oscar & Lora Center 2019 does not receive any financing from state, municipality or private donor organization or other animal protection organization. The Foundation is supported entirely by donations made by persons and companies. The donated funds are used for food, treatment, shelter for the animals, each expense is invoiced.

Become a volunteer

The sheltered animals have often been subjected to brutal treatment by humans. In order to be sought by an adopter, they need to stop fearing people and learn how to trust them again. The rescued animals have enormous need of volunteers, who can walk the dogs and teach them to walk on a leash.

Boyko Grenzke, as the only person who, without any payment, takes care of the rescued animals every single day and builds their shelter, is in huge need of your help.

If you want to become a one-time volunteer or want to contribute more often with voluntary work, please contact Boyko Grenzke on tel. 00 359 892 69 59 11 or via Boyko’s Facebook account.